Electric reclaimer EX E1 – Ø2m to Ø4m


ODS reclaimer EX E1 is designed to unload materials with poor flowing capacities from flat bottom silo.

It is a very versatile equipment which fit with wide range of requirements.

The compact design is made to save space under the silo participating in reducing the total height of the process.

The transmission is electric powered with a reduced number of components to make maintenance low and very easy to handle.

The flow of material is out of contact with the driving system, which ensure no risk of product contamination and keep the access to the driving system from under the silo even if the silo is full.

Material free flow restriction is available with specific adaptation of the cover and inner part of the reclaimer.

It is advised to calculate metallic silo using Eurocodes EN 1991-4 – Actions on structures, Eurocodes 3 EN 1993-4-1 – Design of steel structures with special attention on the case of eccentric discharges EN 1991-4 (§5.2.4).


ModelEX E1
Silo ØØ 2m to Ø 4m
Discharge capacity max.30 m3/h
Motor power max.9 kW


  • Wood dust
  • Cereal wastes
  • Plastic wastes
  • Wood chips
  • Wood bark
  • Minerals


Dosing screw to easily regulate and adjust the flow when material is non homogeneous.
Atex Z21 inside silo / Not Atex outside silo
Stainless equipment